Augmented reality is a new technology showing the reality perceived by our senses and integrated by a series of artificial and virtual information.

AR uses devices as tablet, smartphone, visors, 3D glasses to rise and see immersive information and experiences in a 3D space.
Simply, it enriches reality with information and experience overlapping human eye’s sight.
Like other technologies, Augmented Reality strongly developed in special technical applications: military, aerospace and scientific.
A typical case: in a combat aircraft pilot controls all data on his helmet visor.
Endless are the applications in civil uses, for example, tourists wearing special glasses to read and receive information about historical sites.


Neavisio creates immersive digital contents using visors, glasses, head sets and suitable technical devices.

Customers and tourists can feel new experiences and receive important information about the site and the collections.
This is the case when we can show large sized machines and follow the working simulation and all maintenance operations on line.
Operational tasks can be endless.
  • You can show your machines at overseas exhibitions avoiding physical transportation.
  • You can either show them in small booth areas.
  • The machines can be fully presented at all their working stages.
  • The application can be used for meetings and technical training conferences, where people can practically exercise with virtual and manual working sessions.
  • You can virtually control the machines remotely and run a correct maintenance.
Products and systems can be integrated with a new and stronger communication and you will demonstrate your business partners - offering unique and emotional solutions -that remarkable distance from you and your competitors.
Data and technical information can be shared with your partner and explained interactively. Involve them and let them live this experience, as well increase their attention.
In this case you can virtually check how it will be once real.
In this case, see with us all these the interesting operative implications:
  • Technicians can test if an industrial component will perfectly suit to the system, before its introduction into production process;
  • A building and architectural element can be previously verified and positioned virtually before its future making.
Project - Solutions - Experience


The new solutions offered by Augmented reality are now easily accessible by computer, smartphone, tablet, visors and cardboard viewer.

This is the reason why companies obtain real advantages thanks to Neavisio solutions:

  • Logistics cost for large equipment physical transportation are fully cancelled.
  • Risk due to physical contacts is reduced.
  • Business for 365 days - 24/7
  • The company brand image improves.
  • You can evaluate and modify with good advance the projects concerning company spaces, products exhibition areas, showrooms, exhibitions, styles and structural elements.
  • You can view and explore indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • You can feel the sense of interactive meeting with your customers, satisfy their needs and strengthen their fidelity to your brand.
AR augmented reality

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