Virtual reality means the representation of reality, intended by settings, products, objects, real life moments, into a complete digital environment.

Thanks to the new technologies we can browse in realistic settings and interact with all inside contents.


Neavisio provides immersive digital contents by using visors, glasses, portable head sets and special technical devices. We first use your technical files, productions processes and products and develop rendering 360°, pictures 360° and video 360°.

Photos 360° give the possibility to show your reality completely, involving your business clients and prospects and offering a unique contemporary experience.
Now imagine the possibility, from a distant place, to do a virtual tour in your company, in your showroom and in your offices.
Thanks to the rendering, spaces and environments – either existing or in their planning stage – can be reproduced digitally.
It is possible to create living spaces, production sites, exhibitions, trade shows and easily move internally, understand how this scenario will turn and interact with all is inside.
You can visit a faraway existing and inaccessible place, or one completely new, a non-existent one.
This kind of videos is made using special cameras with an angle viewing contemporarily in all directions. This way you will have a full immersion visual and a high interaction level between scenario and visitor. A virtual tour lets you stroll with a 360° visuality and view the same content more than once and every time in a different way.
You can visit a faraway existing and inaccessible place, or one completely new, a non-existent one.
One of the most interesting applications, for those companies dealing with technically complex products, is the installation of virtual Showrooms and exhibiting halls. With the new technologies, the contents can be stored in a case or on a tablet PC.
You can show your products, discuss about prototypes, check all technical, esthetical and functional features with your business partners and as well survey their introduction into production lines.
Machines, tooling, architectonical, production or logistic sites: all data can be stored on a tablet PC.


The new solutions in virtual reality are easily accessible from any laptop, smartphone, tablet, visor and cardboard viewer.

Thanks to the solutions offered by Neavisio, companies enjoy significant advantages.

  • Logistics cost for large equipment physical transportation are fully cancelled.
  • Risk due to physical contacts is reduced.
  • Business for 365 days - 24/7
  • The company brand image improves.
  • You can evaluate and modify with good advance the projects concerning company spaces, products exhibition areas, showrooms, exhibitions, styles and structural elements.
  • You can view and explore indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • You can feel the sense of interactive meeting with your customers, satisfy their needs and strengthen their fidelity to your brand.
VR virtual reality


You can tell us about your needs and your requests, and how you would like to be seen and perceived. Your event, your communication strategy can now be planned, using new technologies. Your business partners and customers can meet you live on line, they can feel the real world of your business, know your scenario, be informed about your products. Together we can let them stir emotions and sensations more intensively than with the traditional communication systems.

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