Use and applications

The practical applications are impressive.
See below.

  • Virtual shows in exhibitions, showrooms, exhibiting halls and events;
  • Virtual guide to complex and large sized products, trade show stands, showrooms, exhibitions, museums and galleries;
  • Virtual presentations in trade shows and events of enormous sized machinery, industrial systems and plants;
  • Communication, advertising and promotion in augmented reality.
  • Projection of machines and technical components or buildings inside real elements before their making;
  • Previous evaluation of products, settings, products exhibiting areas;
  • Interactive cooperation with business partners to study complex products before their manufacturing;
  • Technicians can test if an industrial component will perfectly suit to the system, before its introduction into production process;
  • A building and architectural element can be previously verified and placed virtually before its making.
  • On line educational and machine maintenance sessions;
  • On line guide, installation and maintenance with innovative and performing instruments;
  • Integration of projects, products, buildings, industrial systems with Augmented reality data, technical schemes and instructions.


Our team is made of technology enthusiasts, ready to know more about your products and sharing the same enthusiasm and desires you feel to support you and create new sensorial and interactive meeting grounds with your business partners.

With our virtual creations your customers can live new experiences and virtually see objects and places, sites, not existing yet.

It is a truly new sensorial communication:

  • It is innovative and marks the real difference between you and your competitors;
  • Its is young: its knowledge belongs to few and is not so widespread;
  • Its is practical: it avoids moving and physical contacts of people and large sized equipment;
  • Its is economical: no waste is foreseen;
  • It is scalable: it can be managed in grades;
  • It is integrable: it can be integrated with other means of communication, (trade shows, web sites);
  • It is intelligent: it allows on line educational and machine maintenance training sessions.

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